Since our blog is self hosted, we do pay to keep Simply Good Eating online. We also put a lot of effort on our blog posts (photos, editing, write ups, along with promos).  In order to maintain the blog, we do accept advertisements or payments for features here ( feel free to check out our full disclaimer and disclosure policy).  We only accept advertisement and partnerships that we believe in simply because we feel it is our responsibility to our readers and also protect our own credibility here.


We really truly welcome and love partnerships  along with hosting  giveaway contests to our readers so we welcome brands or companies who are more than willing to give away free stuff to our readers.

Here are some things about giveaways  on our food blog:

– If you are unsure about how to host or handle a giveaway, fill up the form below and tell us so. We’ll be glad to come up with a tailored solution  unique to you for your giveaway to deliver your message and assist with meeting your goals.

– We will prioritize giveaways where the prizes will be delivered to the winners (With exception to high value items) or not suitable for delivery.

– Shipment of prizes to the winners should be your company’s responsibility or you provide us a a budget to handle shipping on our end. It’s not free if we ask our winners to pay for shipping right? This is why we prefer giveaways where prizes will be delivered to the winners.


We accept 2 types of advertisement on our food blog:

Banner Advertisement: They can be placed on our side bar or footer.  Images should be provided by you.

Featured Blog Post: If you have a promo or a new product/service, we can write a feature about it on our food blog.

– For advertisement, we accept all major credit card payments through Pay Pal only.

– For blog features, if its for a new product or service, please note that we can only write up a feature when we tried them ourselves.

– Our Featured Blog Post option will included a write up (can includes images, video, links that should be provided by you), social media promotion and banner advertisement(for a duration of time) is also included.

So far more information, fill up the contact form below and we’ll answer your questions/inquiries. Please email us with the subject of either “Blog Partnership or Blog Advertisement” below: