Lily’s Sweets Chocolate Bars

Lily’s stevia-sweetened chocolate has all the indulgence you crave but with a lot fewer calories. They use all-natural, non-GMO ingredients, including genuine, Fair Trade certified cocoa and best of all Lily’s bars and baking chips are now certified gluten-free plus sugar free.

I have been looking for chocolate bars suitable for me to eat that uses only stevia as a sweetener and Lily’s chocolate bars not only delivers on this need, but also surpasses my expectations on how wonderful it tastes too!

Usually I only prefer dark chocolate but I actually really enjoy both the milk chocolate and the dark chocolate.  Each type of chocolate has a really great balance where the taste of the chocolate is not overpowered by the sweetness of stevia.  Another reason why I love Lily’s chocolate bars is because I wasn’t able to taste any weird after taste compared with other sugar free chocolate bars made with Splenda.

The dark chocolate coconut is really good and it’s my husband’s favorite.  He loves the coconut taste infused into this chocolate bar. You can really taste the coconut with a nice balance of chocolate.

This is one of my favorite ones because I love anything savory and sweet together and Lily really nailed it down with this salted almond & milk chocolate bar.

This dark chocolate almond bar is really yummy and up my ally.  My preference has always leaned toward more on the dark chocolate so this is another one of my favorites along side the salted almond & milk chocolate bar.

As far the original Lily’s dark chocolate, this is another excellent choice and probably the most versatile choice because it’s likely to appeal to a broader audience since it doesn’t have any nuts or other ingredients in it that people may be allergic to.

Lily’s chocolate bars in general are a great alternative choice for diabetics looking for a delicious indulgence of chocolate heaven because it is sugar free and contains significantly less calories.  So I would definitely recommend these all natural sugar free chocolate bars a try! I purchased these at Wholefood Market. If you don’t have one by you, Lily’s chocolate bars can also be found online at Vitacost and Amazon. They come in various flavors ranging from original, crispy rice, coconut,  almond, salt almond & milk chocolate.

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Note Worthy:

The Lily’s chocolate bar product line was inspired by the Founder’s niece, Lily, who is continuing her own ongoing battle with childhood brain cancer.The Lily’s chocolate bars include a gold ribbon to symbolize the fight against childhood cancer, as Lily’s donates a portion of its profit to children’s cancer organizations, such as MaxLove Project.

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