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We first discover this yogurt from a sample tasting at the Whole Foods Market. It is great tasting and so far the carbohydrates in this yogurt is also very low in comparison to some others before we make purchase. Since I have a strict diet to limit my carbohydrate intake, yogurt was one of the thing I miss the most. So it was wonderful that we got to try out Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt and got to talk to the creator of the yogurt Atanas Valev. I love knowing how my food are made and process, so when we got to chat with Atanas he provided us with lots of knowledge on this wonderful product.

Their organic yogurt is made with uniquely selected live-culture strains and whole milk from pasture-raised and grass-fed cows, giving it the optimal ratio of essential fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6, and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), combined with a centuries old, preservative-free manufacturing process to give it the perfect balance of tartness, lightness, freshness and aroma.

Their Bulgarian yogurt is made in a certified organic farmhouse creamery in New York state.

The milk comes from GRASS FED cows, not treated with artificial hormones or antibiotics. No milk powders or starch thickeners are present.

This yogurt is good with fruits for breakfast, make it into a dip for a quick snack or you can just eat it like that and enjoy the natural goodness of this product. The texture of this yogurt isn’t thick like your typical Greek yogurt but it’s instead, more of a creamy and smooth type of yogurt by far with a wonderful natural taste that doesn’t have a really tart taste either.  This was something that my husband and me found quite surprising and refreshing. Trimona Foods is currently selling their plain Bulgarian yogurt product at Wholefoods.  We are hopeful and looking forward to potential future product releases such as more additional flavors.

In some of the future posts, I will make a few recipes with this yogurt and open the world of yogurt to do different recipes with it .

Check out the nutritional facts below:

Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt

A closer look at the actual ingredients.

Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt

My husband really enjoyed eating this plain yogurt as well.  Its one of the yogurts he can actually eat on its own without anything but he usually tends to add in some fruits to compliment his yogurt.

Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt

As you can see it didn’t take long for him to devour this wonderful Bulgarian yogurt and I’m sure you will too.

Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt

Official Trimona Food Website:

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    Jen Jacobs — April 25, 2013 @ 2:01 pm

    I never tried Bulgarian yogurt before but I look forward to trying some if I see it in the store. Very nice and informative post and I love the pictures! Awesome quality pictures that make me want to try the yogurt even more :)


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