Certified Steak & Seafood Company Filet Mignon and Chilean Sea Bass Review

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First and foremost I want to thank Certified Steak & Seafood Company for selecting Simply Good Eating to participate in their promotion. Thank You!  To my pleasant surprise, I was treated to a lovely package when I came home from work a few days ago from Certified Steak & Seafood Company and looked forward to that getting started throughout the week to evaluate the prime filet mignon along with the Chilean sea bass.  The package was quite large and came with a decent amount of beef and fish.

Not long ago I posted an article that specifically mentioned a pretty good offer that is still going on right now until the end of January 31, 2013 which is currently giving a discount of $25 off for your entire purchase order. Why not treat yourself to a nice gourmet meal right in time for the Christmas or New Year holidays?

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Certified Steak & Seafood

Overall thoughts and Opinion:

I had been impatiently waiting for this package to come through and now that it has arrived, I decided to make a few recipes with the Chilean Sea Bass and Prime Filet Mignon.

For the beautiful looking pieces of filet mignon, I opted to make that filet mignon with red wine sauce and it came out tender and delicious.  A fine cut of beef such as this delivered on par with what I expected with the tenderness and outstanding beef flavor without having to do much with marination because that is just how nice, the filet mignon is.

The Chilean Sea Bass was pan seared to perfection the way I usually prefer without too much seasonings because I wanted to get a feel for the texture and taste of the fish. I made Chilean Sea Bass Fiorentina because I love the combination of the garlic and tomato in the sauce but the real star is the Sea Bass filet.  The fish was semi flaky and tender and with the sauce enhancing the flavor of  Chilean Sea Bass.

With having tried both the filet mignon and the sea bass, I can honestly say that I was very satisfied with both items.  They are definitely worth the money and I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in enjoying a high quality meal because that is what this is all about. Quality.  The price may be more then what you expect but you definitely pay for what you get here with Certified Steak & Company.

About the sponsor:

Our commitment to our customers is simple: Offer the highest quality products at the best price and back it with a 100% guarantee. We source directly with no ‘middle man’ making our supply chain the shortest in the industry. This allows us to maintain the highest quality standards all the way to your plate. On top of this, we sample all products at the moment of final packaging and have a world-renowned laboratory test for various types of adulteration or contamination. This ensures that the food you purchase from us is pure and safe.

Certified Steak and Seafood Company was formed by the three Frisch boys, Mark, Adam, and Steven; all of whom thought that everyone should be able to buy the highest quality steaks and seafood direct. The brothers experience comes from a three generation family owned wholesale company that is one of the largest seafood importers in America.

They have vast experience in sourcing and selling high quality seafood and meat products to the commercial trade — and bring you the same grade of products fine restaurants, resorts, hotels, and high-end retail stores demand – and at a direct price that gives you tremendous value for every purchase.

Buttery Prime Angus Filet Mignon

If there was ever a steak that you will believe can “melt in your mouth” the Certified Steak and Seafood Prime angus Filet Mignon is it. With a delectable almost sweet beef flavor, and a strong buttery undertone that only Prime angus offers, it has to be tasted to be believed.

Certified Steak & Seafood

Each Prime angus filet is slow aged, custom cut and trimmed for consistency in color and quality. It is a flavor you will remember long after your meal is over. Great accompanied by grilled root vegetables and horseradish mashed potatoes.

Chilean Sea Bass

Certified Steak & Seafood

A popular favorite in restaurants across America, the best Chilean Sea Bass now comes to your table courtesy Certified Steak and Seafood. Harvested and processed under close inspection of the National Marine Fishery Service, this soft, tender and smooth fish is a smart and healthy purchase. Impress your family or give as a memorable gift. Facts: Easy to Cook, Wild Caught, 3rd Party Certified, Product of Chile.

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3 Responses to “Certified Steak & Seafood Company Filet Mignon and Chilean Sea Bass Review”

  1. #
    Melanie Jones — December 31, 2012 @ 12:43 pm

    Love quality beef and seafood!


  2. #
    Ariel Rebel — January 13, 2013 @ 11:38 am

    This is such an awesome service!!!

    I think it’s amazing that they sent you some goodies to cook with :) I would be curious to try out their quality.

    Is the meat still taste fresh even tho it was frozen?


    • Jerry Ko — January 13th, 2013 @ 9:42 pm


      The Filet Mignon and Chilean Sea Bass sent to me were very good and fresh tasting. I also had the same concern as you prior to trying them out myself. To my surprise, the products speak for themselves despite being frozen.


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