Takumi Japanese Restaurant (Commack, NY)

It’s truly a great day for folks near the Commack, Long Island area.  Me and my wife had stumbled upon a great Japanese Restaurant gem here in Commack.  If I sound like I gloating here a little bit, its because I am.  Although there are tons of Japanese restaurants all over the Long island, finding a legit Japanese restaurant is truly a challenge.  Takumi prides themselves on offering fresh Japanese authentic cuisines and quality sushi (always fresh).  They also offer a nice variety of Saki, beers and sojus.

Their head chef Yuki is from Japan and a professionally trained sushi chef. Chef Yuki and his wife Kyumi  opened up Takumi 4 years ago and have a loyal customer fan base. I find myself going there to enjoy a nice lunch whenever I am in the area.  One of my favorite days to eat here is on Thursdays.  Why you ask?  Thursday at Takumi is ramen day in addition with the rest of their existing menu!  Anyone who knows me loves ramen so coming here on this day is perfect.

You’ll find that when you walk into the restaurant, it may be a tad small but it is warm, wonderful and clean with a range of Japanese style decor that you may come to expect. Furthermore, the service from the staff are friendly and knowledgeable with communicating any questions you may have about the menu.  If you aren’t sure of what to order, they will make some suggestions for you depending on what you like.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Takumi is probably one of the best Japanese restaurants to get sushi in Long Island. My wife and me ordered the Japanese Style Sashimi, rock crab roll, uni sashimi, spider roll, chirashi, hamachi kami, salmon skin salad, green tea ice cream & Japanese apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Best deluxe Sashimi, it’s the only Japanese restaurant in Long Island that I’m aware of that serves Uni & higher priced fish in a deluxe sashimi order. The other places just give you more of the same fish served in their regular sashimi order.

Chef Yuki and his wife are warm and welcoming.

There are individual sitting spots right in front at the sushi bar.

The green tea they serve appears to be made with green tea powder.

The fried gyoza is made fresh and served as a complimentary appetizer dish along with your meal.

The scallops are fantastic and fresh.

The oysteryaki is one of served hot and oysters are full of bold flavors.  Make sure you sip the juice off these.

Ramen served here is authentic, delicious and one of the better spots within the Commack, NY area.

The beef gyudon is pretty good here as well.

I had requested Chef Yuki to make me this Oyakodon.  So tasty and filling!

Salmon skin rolls are made fresh to order like all of their sushi rolls.


-Warm welcoming staff that are attentive

– Fresh sushi is what you can expect from here.

– Authentic ramen is offered here on Thursdays!

– Great variety of hot entree foods along with sushi rolls

– Accepts cash or major credit cards


– Not open for lunch during the weekends but open for dinner

– Location is in a small plaza and can be easily missed if you aren’t looking for it


Finding a Japanese restaurant that is actually owned and operated by Japanese is becoming something of an elusive these days, but Takumi is the real deal. The menu is fairly standard but the great thing is they are willing to accommodate for custom orders as well if it isn’t too busy.  The sushi rolls along with their specialty rolls are great and reasonable priced in my opinion.  Overall, I had many good experiences eating here and will definitely be back to Takumi restaurant for more soon!

Located at:

Takumi Restaurant (Japanese)
149-03 Veterans Memorial Hwy
Commack, NY 11725

(631) 543-0101

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2 Responses to “Takumi Japanese Restaurant (Commack, NY)”

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    Lovell Graham — November 5, 2012 @ 7:01 pm

    Love Takumi! If it’s not crazy busy and somethings not on the menu, Chef Yuki will make it for you. Made me okonomiyaki. Jerry’s right Ramen Thursday, yummy.


    • Jerry Ko — November 5th, 2012 @ 10:02 pm

      I’ll be back for Ramen Thursday soon!


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