Udis Gluten Free Bread and Bagel

I have been on the search for gluten free bread all over my local area.  I have tried various brands of gluten free bread only to be left disappointed time after time again.  Until one day, I stumbled upon Udis gluten free whole wheat bread and their bagels.  I heard some good things about this brand from folks on other blogs and through word of mouth but I wasn’t going to hold my breath or have high expectations since I have been disappointed many times before.

So after trying my first serving of this bread with fruit jam, I actually found myself really enjoying this bread.  In fact I will almost go as far as saying that I enjoyed this as much as regular bread.  Udis bread is by far one of the better brands of gluten free bread you can buy on the market today.  I’ll break down my opinion on why I think this is such a great product compared to other breads out there by the following categories.


Lets face it, nobody wants to be chewing on bread that taste like sand. I’m happy to say that this is certainly not the case with Udis bread.  It really taste like bread and there is no weird after taste. Really! I highly recommend that you toast the bread before eating because it usually is stored in the refrigerator.


Udis bread maintains that consistency of the bread however it is noticeably smaller then your typical gluten bread by probably about 25% smaller.


This bread passes the quality test in terms of taste, visuals and using some of the finest natural ingredients with no compromises period.

Check out the nutrition facts:

If you are looking for a gluten free bread in the store and have no clue which one to try. I highly recommend Udis gluten free breads along with their bagels.  I know they also have hot dog and hamburger buns as well too but I haven tried them yet but plan on it soon.  Udis brand is a safe bet and my primary choice as of now unless I’m making my own of course.

Udis bread isnt just good for toast or sandwiches.  It’s amazing for making french toast.  Check out my chocolate hazelnut filled french toast recipe using Udis bread!

The bagels are also great for making things like bagel pizza, breakfast sandwiches or just plain on toasted bagel with your favorite spread.

For more information on Udis bread, check out their site directly at http://udisglutenfree.com.

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