Alberta Calgary Food and Great Times

There is always something that can be said about leaving New York and traveling out of the country to Alberta Calgary. Although I have visited here on various occasions.  Its always great to go back there and enjoy the visit for the nice hospitality from the people, to the great atmosphere and food eateries all over.

Taking a nice stroll downtown checking out all the different stores and restaurants around this area. It is worth mentioning that there is something for everyone here and is exceptionally clean in comparison to New York City.

Enjoyed some delicious Peking roast duck with a side of rice and other entree meals later on that day.

Spent some time with friends and family over cheese fondue with fresh made french baguette bread.  The fondue itself was made from scratch and complimented the baguette perfectly.

In addition to the cheese fondue, we also had some German white wine.

I got hooked up with the biggest Abalone cooked in chicken soup that I ever eaten in my entire life .

Looking back, I probably should have used a knife to cut that abalone up a bit to make things easier but nonetheless it was very enjoyable.

Homemade curry fish ball, squid served over rice noodles in a light broth and vegetables.

On our way out of Calgary driving towards a town called Radium which is a little past the border of British Columbia. Beautiful mountains and scenery everywhere.

Had a great opportunity to meet up with my friend Kurt, and try his Bee Sting cake.  It was love at first bite! It is a pastry cake with nuts on top and filled with amazing tasting custard filling in between the pastry cake.

It would be really nice if T&T or 99 Ranch opened up a store location in Long Island.  I been crossing my fingers for years now but I wont be holding my breath.

Although my stay wasn’t that long, I was eating well and this home meal was no exception. There was chicken, pork, fish, vegetables, shrimp and lobster!

I couldn’t resist eating some fried mantou with some of that sweet condensed milk.

Prior to leaving I was really craving poutine but unfortunately had to settle for this place NYF Poutine out of convenience which was alright.

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