Marie Morin Crème brûlée

Not all grocery stores in Long Island are equal. What I mean is you can walk into one store for example Costco in Holbrook and another Costco in Smith Haven and you will find that both locations will have a lot of the same items but at the same time, selling items the other store location will just not carry on hand.  This was the case when I noticed Marie Morin’s Crème brûlée at one of the Costco wholesale club near me. This Crème brûlée is currently selling for $9.99 which I feel is a decent bargain. You get 6 servings of Crème brûlée in addition to 6 nice glass ramekins that you can keep to reuse.

Remember this brand of Crème brûlée because you will LOVE it especially if you are a fan of custard! Scope out the nutrition facts.

Here is what it the Crème brûlée looks like.  It comes with packages of brown sugar for you to add on top before putting it in the oven to heat up.  Simply Delicious!


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