A Visit to Hotel Chocolat Boston Store

We had the privilege to pay a visit to Hotel Chocolat store in Boston to see what this place is all about and we also met with the CEO Nicki Doggart (Big thank you and shout out to you Nicki for making time for us). She was very nice to offer us an opportunity to sit down with her for a dedicated session to an informal Q & A along with providing us very thorough information about the the very core of what Hotel Chocolat is all about.

For those of you that never heard of Hotel Chocolat yet, you will probably hear more about them in the near future or see a bigger presence from them in the retail space along with their existing online store front at www.hotelchocolat.com. This isn’t your ordinary chocolate company.  After sitting down with Nicki, we learned about 3 key cores that really make Hotel Chocolat stand out with a leg up against some of the popular competitors like Lindt, Godiva and other gourmet companies.

These cores are innovation, authenticity and ethics.


A Spirit of innovation and creativity permeates the company along with product packaging and imagery.  The look is influenced by the London fashion scene, and their concepts born through a desire to make people happy through gift giving and interaction with those they love.


Real chocolat needs real ingredients and Hotel Chocolat is pioneering a ‘no nasties’ policy and a ‘less sugar, more cocoa’ approach to recipes, allowing the true flavors to shine through – particularly in their signature high cocoa milk chocolates. Their unique status as a cocoa grower as well as a chocolatier provides them with an unmatched insight, engaging story and some of the world’s rarest cocoa with which to work with.


There is a huge disparity between those who those who enjoy fine chocolate and the subsistence cocoa growers who nurture the beans.  So they wanted to do something to make a difference.  They are extremely proud that for years now, their own Engaged Ethics program has been delivery sustainable benefits to cocoa communities in St. lucia and Ghana.

This is a great video made from Hotel Chocolat which really covers in great detail about the company, its operations and what really makes them special compared to everyone else.

Hotel Chocolat’s Cocoa Plantation, Rabot Estate in St Lucia Video


Hotel Chocolat’s Philosophy on Quality Chocolate:

Good dark chocolate cannot be made from anything other than fresh, wholesome ingredients. That’s why Hotel Chocolat goes to great lengths to use only premium dark chocolate made by artisan chocolatiers with the very best ingredients. The same can also be said about their milk chocolate as well resulting in some amazing mind blowing chocolate that can be consumed!

Crucial ingredients for real chocolate are cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Each different type of cocoa bean has its own distinctive flavour. In order to deliver these authentic tastes, it’s essential that dark chocolate contain respectable amounts of the ground cocoa bean itself, known as cocoa solids. Look for cocoa solids of at least 60% for good dark chocolate.

The Purist range, including milk and dark chocolate, is the perfect place to start if you’d like to discover the distinct flavours of some of the most sought after single estate and origin high cocoa chocolate. Experience the criollo-rich trinitario cocoa grown on their own Rabot Estate in the West Indies. They just opened up their own beautiful hotel that is an astounding resort to visit for pleasure and indulging in cocoa chocolate heaven. You can make your own reservation inquiry over at http://www.thehotelchocolat.com.

Real chocolate starts to melt the moment you pop it into your mouth, gently dissolving into an incredibly smooth and creamy liquid (We can assure you will agree when you try their chocolate). Cocoa butter gives chocolate this dreamy melt-in-the-mouth quality as it melts at just below body temperature. Watch out for lower quality chocolate that contains vegetable fats instead of cocoa butter.

For dark chocolate aficionados, try their Serious Dark Chocolate Fix or their purist lineup selections. This profoundly dark selection is made with 70% cocoa solids by one of Europe’s top Master Chocolatiers. One of their secrets is the extra slow roasting of the cocoa beans, which releases deep, lingering flavors.

It is also note worthy to mention that their chocolate lineup caters to folks with special dietary needs.  So yes they cater to people who are gluten free, diabetic, nut intolerant, soy free and more!

Hands on Visit:

Prior to our visit, we already were impressed with the way Hotel Chocolat handles their process of making chocolate from tree to bar.  However they also have very high ethics as a company which includes things like being environmental friendly and much more.  When we arrived a the Boston Hotel Chocolat store we were in for a real treat.  The place was filled with beautifully wrapped chocolates and friendly staff readily available to answer along with assisting any questions or concerns.

Newbury Street, Boston – Store

A good portion of our time was spent in their tasting room.  We went over the 3 cores mentioned above along with how to taste chocolate, journey of where their chocolate comes from, spotting good chocolate, different types of chocolate tastes, chocolate history and so much more.  It was truly very educational and made us only appreciate Hotel Chocolat even more.  Eventually we got around to having the opportunity to play with our chocolate and taste their special house blend milk chocolate and their special dark chocolate blend. The base milk chocolate starts at 40% cocoa and the dark chocolate 60% which means more cocoa and no room for bad artificial ingredients. This is one of the biggest reason why we love about this company.  Not only do they know how to have fun with their chocolate creations, but they also do take pride in ensuring that they use nothing but the best premium ingredients.

Newbury Street, Boston – Tasting Room

We learned that you can tell how good the quality of chocolate really is by touching it.  We were asked to snap the chocolate in half and we could hear a really nice snap sound which we don’t normally hear from other chocolate bars. This indicates the purity and quality of the chocolate is really quite high.  The tasting of both the dark and milk chocolate was such a great indulging experience to each of their own.  My wife preferred the dark chocolate and I preferred the milk chocolate.

Now we couldn’t possibly leave this store without doing some splurging of our own.  We purchased some chocolate tiddy pots, purist bars, dark chocolate signature box, chocolate chili oil and more!

We purchased 2 bags worth of Hotel Chocolat’s gourmet chocolate and it’s definitely worth every dollar.

Overall, we had a great fun time with meeting the CEO Nicki Doggart, the informational taste tour and shopping to our hearts content!  We highly recommend chocolate lovers definitely should pay a visit to the flagship store if you happen to be in the Boston downtown area. You wont regret it and I will put my money where my mouth is on that. For those in Long Island New York, I learned that they are planning to open a store in Roosevelt Field Mall!  However if you are not near either location, your best bet is to check them out online at www.hotelchocolat.com.


Hotel Chocolat
141A Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116


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    May Jamison — November 16, 2011 @ 4:21 pm

    Being a chocolate lover, I will check this store out! Great post!


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    Joanna Scott — November 16, 2011 @ 5:26 pm

    Nothing like quality chocolate. They look sound like a company that takes their chocolate up a notch. I look forward to try their dark chocolates


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    David "Sweet Tooth" Goldstein — November 19, 2011 @ 8:29 am

    Nice article which I shared with our Facebook friends of Boston Chocolate Tours. Seems that you would enjoy one of our chocolate tours. Let me know if you would like to take a tour and see all the chocolate Boston has to offer.


    • Jerry Ko — November 19th, 2011 @ 9:41 am

      David, I’m planning to come visit Boston again next year and would welcome a tour to see all the chocolate that Boston has to offer. Boston is a wonderful city!


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    Trish — May 7, 2012 @ 2:02 am

    I really want to visit in Boston. I want a long vacation for this place. And I want to visit this wonderful hotel. It really amazed me this kind of hotel that are lots of chocolates. I want to taste booth white and black chocolates.
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