Our getaway vacation to Boston Massachusetts

Earlier this week I went on a quick amazing few days trip to Boston and did my own mini version of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation visiting various locations within downtown.  It’s also my first time visiting Boston. So there was definitely a lot of hype and praise from friends and people informing me about what Boston had to offer.  I am pleased to say that Boston apparently has lived up to the hype along with giving me a real good strong first impressions of this wonderful city.

My trip started officially this past Monday morning at 5am waking up, getting ready to be picked up and dropped off to JFK airport.  Eventually I boarded on Jet Blue and flew into Boston in less than 1 hour. Upon arriving in Boston, we had some time to kill before checking in to our hotel.  So we took the T line train down near to Common Market and hung out there for a bit and eventually went to get some lunch in Chinatown.

Chilling out on a beautiful afternoon in Common Markets

We stopped by this Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Hua for some pho.  Even though this place isn’t the best place we ever had, It still beats out a number of places back home in New York.

Boston is really an awesome city to visit.  It has a lot of great shopping spots, friendly people, beautiful historical buildings, parks, clean places and of course food!

The Prudential Center is one of many spots to check out for shopping.  It has tons of brand name stores has the capability to make your wallet lighter.

Interior part of the Prudential Center

Quincy Market offers plenty of things to eat if you want something quick and fast.  Furthermore, there is also a lot of boutique shops and stores all around the area as well.

Interior part of Quincy Market

Out of everything in there, the most eye catching thing to me inside was the lobster roll.

Not a bad lobster roll but there are far better when I return for next time with more vacation days

All that shrimp and lobster calling my name..

After eating, we went walking around and did some more exploration of this nice city.

Unfortunately I already had eaten and had no room to try King Fish Hall restaurant which I hear is suppose to be really good.  I’ll definitely be back for this next round.

On one of our wild nights, we stopped by Wagamama for some simply good eating and dessert at Pink Berry.

wagamama noodle bars – serving up tasty noodles worldwide

We had a little room after dinner for some frozen mango yogurt.

Checked out the Boston Massacre site.  Looks a lot better in person then it does in the history books.

Next day we did more eating and shopping and eventually strolled into cocoa heaven via Hotel Chocolat. Chocolate lovers really need to stop by this place.  They sell some really amazing chocolate.  No really they do!

Best Chocolate we ever had to date hands down!

Check out our Hotel Chocolat article posting hands on adventure we had experienced in this awesome chocolate store.

We concluded our final evening with some delicious Malaysian food at Penang and departed early next morning.

Although this trip was not as long as we’d like it to be, my wife and me had an awesome time here and will definitely be returning here again.  There is still so much more food and places for us that we still must and will be trying.

Saying goodbye is always so tough…..

Now I happen to have taken hundreds of pictures during this trip and it would too much for me to post every single picture on here but if you want to see the rest of the pictures from our Boston trip. Check out our photo album here.

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