Paces Steak House

Always wanted to come to this steakhouse especially since I heard so much great things about this place.  I finally got around to make a special unforgettable trip on a stormy night out to Paces Steakhouse with my family.  The restaurant wasn’t very crowded at all and not surprisingly so (due to the nasty rain outside).  We didn’t know what to expect at first, but found the service to be fantastic and food is good.  First thing, I noticed was the nice decor and the great atmosphere. Once we sat down and looked thoroughly over the menu, the choices were plentiful for the appetizers, entrées and a long list of fine wine to pair your steak.

I ordered the Porterhouse Steak (For 2) marinated in their special steak marinade for me and my spouse.

Here we have also a plate of filet mignon and lobster tail served with a side of butter for dipping.

Everybody else ordered the Filet mignon with some delicious cripsy onions  on the side. I guess they were trying to save room for dessert.


– Very clean restaurant along with nice ambiance

– Nice selection of steak and wine for pairing

– Steaks came out great but I would recommend trying them without any marinade

– The steak house attempts to put their own spin on the appetizers


– Paid parking for the Port Jefferson location, however you may find free parking around the vicinity


All in all, this place is a great steak house to dine at for the special occasion.  The steaks are cooked as requested and come out to be very tender and juicy.  All of their steaks are dry aged steaks so it is a cut above your typical steak when compared to eating out at the Apple Bees or TGIF (No disrespect of course).

Located at:

318 Wynn Lane
Port Jefferson, NY 11777
(631) 331-9200

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