Eat Smart Precision Pro Scale Review

I received in the mail, one of these eat smart precision pro scale the other day and been using it for the last several months. It is essentially very useful for me because its one of those handy gadgets that I actually use every single day.  Since I eat around three meals and 3 snacks a day, I really have the opportunities to embrace utilizing the scale multiple times a day.

The eat smart precision pro scale is very light in weight and comes out of the box with the batteries included.  After opening the box and taking the scale out the box, I inserted the batteries into the scale.  Then I proceeded to examine the scale and noticed the build quality is fairly decent and looks like it could take a light drop from four to five feet above the ground.


Usability of this scale is awesome and really easy as pie. The scale comes standard with a power on/off  button and various adjustable measurements.  Simply power on the device and set the measurement you want and weigh your desired items on the scale.  Its really just that easy and straight forward.  I use this scale for measuring my portion sizes for my snacks to meat and more.


Overall, if you are in the market for a budget scale that offers various weight measurements. Look no further.  The Eat Smart Precision Pro Scale will be sufficient in meeting these needs in quality, usability and afford-ability. You can find it here on sale at Amazon!


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    JaneG — October 1, 2011 @ 11:06 am

    I bought mine 6 months ago for use with my Weight Watchers diet. It worked so well that I purchased 2 more for gifts to other friends doing WW. My experience has only been positive with this scale. I would label it a “Smart Buy” :-)


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