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Since I have been a fan of Pink Berry for many years, I was excited to finally see a Red Mango open up near my area finally!  For those of you who never heard of Red Mango, it is essentially a all natural  frozen yogurt franchise shop offering awesome frozen yogurts, smoothies, parfaits, hot chocolate chillers and iced beverages. Their frozen yogurts are gluten free, low in calories and best of all no artificial sweetener which makes this practically a guilt free treat almost (as long as you stick to a reasonable portion size).  From the moment I walked inside Red Mango, I couldn’t help notice how spotless clean the place looked along with the nice trendy atmosphere.  I was offered a lot of free samples of frozen yogurt flavors to try ranging from Vanilla, banana, strawberry, chocolate, raspberry cheesecake and white peach which were all just amazing!

So after trying out many different flavors, I decided to go with the white peach flavored frozen yogurt topped off with fresh strawberries, kiwi, mandarin orange and mango.

As you can see the place is self sufficient and maintains a very clean trendy atmosphere perfect to even lounge around in the small sitting area offered inside and outdoors.

When it comes to the frozen yogurts here, you’ll  be self serving yourself and choosing your desired flavor of frozen yogurts along with piling on your fresh fruits and other toppings as well. (Note: you’ll be charged by weight of the frozen yogurt along with all your toppings)

A quick word of advice, if you are offered some sample cups do not pull on the level too far down or else you will have an overflow of frozen yogurt.

Here is the fresh fruits and other toppings bar awaiting once you have your frozen yogurt ready.  Do all those toppings look tempting or what?

Have another closure look at the fresh fruit toppings bar.  I had some regret about not adding some cereal toppings to my frozen yogurt but there will definitely be a next time!

You can believe I had my tongue hanging our drooling over as I was about to take my first spoon full of this delicious frozen yogurt treat.

As you can see, I was really enjoying myself here and I know you will too.  I saved my favorite strawberry toppings for last.


– Friendly workers ready to assist you especially if it’s your first time there

– Great variety of frozen yogurt flavors to choose from along with a nice fresh selection of fruit toppings

– Offering quality frozen yogurt that is all natural, non fat (around 100 calories per 1/2 cup) and no artificial sweeteners

– They also have smoothies, parfaits along with iced beverages to really keep the place from going stale

– Pricing may vary depending on location but it was an affordable 49 cents per oz at the location near me

– Great for yogurt lovers on a hot spring/summer day

– Red Mango offers their own card to earn incentives that keep you coming back for more


– If you are not a fan of yogurt, then this may not be your cup of tea

Overall, I would definitely say this is a place I would highly recommend going to for frozen yogurt.  I couldn’t help but to make comparisons between Red Mango and Pink Berry.  Both offer great tasting frozen yogurts and fresh toppings so its really a tough call for me to say which one is better. Without question, both can definitely hold their own.  If you already tried Red Mango, I’d like to know your impressions down below.

Located at:

Coventry Commons Shopping Center (self serve)
2350 Nesconset Hwy.
Suite 700
Stony Brook, NY 11790
Phone: 631 675 2725
sun-thurs: 10am-11pm
fri-sat: 10am-midnight

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2 Responses to “Red Mango Frozen Yogurt”

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    Lucille — May 3, 2011 @ 12:48 pm

    Oh wow I went to school around there, I’ll be sure to check it out soon.
    Thanks for tip!!!!


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    Jerry Ko — May 3, 2011 @ 1:07 pm

    Lucille, I’d like to know your first impressions of the place and what flavor you enjoy?


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