Long Island’s J&Rs Steak House

J&R’s Steak house is one of Long Island’s most affordable bang for your buck steaks.  The idea was to avoid the Mother’s Day packed out Restaurants on that busy holiday so we decided to go out today and celebrate Mother’s day early at J&R’s.  This place has very reasonable prices for literally everything on the menu.  It’s not just the prices that are competitive, the food is also quite good  for the value.   They also have a famous 76 oz steak challenge here for around $60.  If you manage to finish it in less than an hour, its yours for free!

We started off with a warm loaf of bread and butter. Then a side dish of pickles and macaroni salad which were complimentary side dishes.

I ordered a Romanian skirt steak and it comes with sweet potato fries along with caesar salad.

We finally have our main finale consisting of prime rib and Romanian skirt steak (medium done to perfection).  It’s worth mentioning that J&R’s has their own steak sauce which complimented my steak really well.  For those in the Suffolk county area, I would recommend dining at J&R’s Steak House for Mother’s Day or really for any occasion.


– Friendly customer services

– Awesome affordable prices

– Complimentary side dishes

– Delicious quality food

– Tons of parking spaces all around


– Restaurant lighting is a little dim


J&R’s easily is one of the most affordable steak houses on long island offering great deals on their menu.  In addition to the price, J&R’s offers quality food and generous size portions.  For those wondering, steak is not the only thing on the menu (chicken, spare ribs, seafood, soups, etc), so there is plenty on the menu to appeal for everyone. I been dining here years and I must say that the burgers, ribs along with the different cuts of beef are all fantastic.

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