Asian inspired korean Bann Restaurant

I’m going to start off bold by saying if you are expecting a K-town experience, don’t bother coming here. The place has decent decor and head chef replaced by people who cook korean fusion food.  I knew this prior to coming here and wanted to get the experience of Bann.

So how does this place stack up? We ordered their large korean bbq platter for party of six which actually was pretty good, however the bbq grill they had were not the best to grill on.

O Jing Aw, calamari, Asian broccoli and eggplant in a sweet chili glaze was our choice for appetizer which tasted pretty good.

Jap Chae, glass noodles with assorted vegetables along with beef was ordered as another appetizer dish. Although, the appetizers tasted good, I find that the portions are a bit small and its fusion so if you want authentic Korean food, this would not be the spot (But we knew that already prior to coming here).

This side dish of kimchi, pickled cucumber and carrots came with our Korean BBQ Platters.

Finally the main course is the Korean BBQ Platter consisting of marinated thinly sliced rib eye, boneless beef short ribs, filet mignon and duck.

On this platter we have shrimp, onions, scallop, salmon, tuna and shitake mushrooms.

My drinking days is nowhere near what it used to be from back in the day but I certainly did enjoy the Korean beer!

The Lychee Martini drink is refreshing, Asian inspired and sure to impress your guest or that special someone.


– If you are open to trying a fusion Korean BBQ restaurant, this is a place worth trying since they do a decent job on putting their own twist to Korean cuisine.

– Customer service was attentive and the waiters were friendly.


– You may find it a bit pricey for Korean BBQ.

If you are looking for fusion Korean food with modern decor and a cool atmosphere, this is a spot to try as long as you don’t mind putting out a significant amount of money to dine here for the evening.  Personally I think the food is good for what it is but the price is high.  For everything ordered above, the bill totaled up to over $300.  So be prepared to bring your plastic.

Located at:

350 W. 50th Street
New York, NY 10019
(between 8th & 9th Ave)


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