Mulan Restaurant at Flushing NY

After spending an early morning going out to the city with family, we stopped by the recently built Queens Crossing shopping plaza for lunch. It’s easily one of the better looking buildings hands down and has some shopping stores along with a variety of eat in restaurants. It also has a great bakery inside called Paris bakery.  We  decided trying out Mulan Restaurant which happens to be quite clean and moderately modern looking on the inside.  Judging from the menu, the restaurant serves up a variety of fusion Asian food.

Once we were seated, we were treated to some complimentary fruit punch drinks which tasted pretty good while deciding on what to order from the menu.

Here is an order of Shanghai soup dumplings served over napa cabbage with hot steamy soup on the inside.

Vegetarian bean curd sheets stir fry with preserved cabbage and edamame complimented well with our starter.

Golden seafood egg fried rice came out pretty good in presentation and tasted acceptable however the portion is not a lot compared to other places.

The drunken chicken we ordered was not bad however the portion size was a tad small but I guess its suitable for appetizers.

Shredded pork with shiitake mushroom stir fry noodles were flavorful and was the highlight meal for me out of everything I devoured.


– Delicious Shanghai soup dumplings and stir fry noodles

– Menu caters to Asians and folks who are willing to accept new things

– Good customer service from the servers

– Clean interior , great atmosphere and bathrooms

– Price is fairly reasonable


– Portions are tad bit on the small size

In conclusion, I would recommend this place to eat if you want decent Asian food for lunch or dinner.  Share your thoughts.

Located at:

136-17 39th Ave
2nd Fl
Flushing, NY 11354

Call them @ Tel: (718) 886-8526

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