Tori Kara fried chicken Manchanko ramen at Manchanko-Tei

Fresh out of work in midtown Manhattan, with food on my mind and my stomach growling for the last couple of hours. I been pondering where to eat for lunch.  It just happened to be humid, 90 degrees outside and I was craving a bowl of ramen. The closest one to me was Manchanko-Tei. It’s a pretty busy spot during the lunch hour but I went in there around 3pm so no wait time for me.  The menu had a fair amount of choices for ramen to choose from.  I ended up ordering the Tori Kara fried chicken Manchanko ramen becuase the noodles were thick ramen instead the usual ultra thin ramen noodles along with a side order of gyoza dumplings. My order came out in less than 10 minutes with a bowl of ramen noodles first, followed by the gyoza dumplings.  The Tori Kara Manchanko ramen noodles were specifically made thick and had a great texture to them.  The broth was flavorful along with the fried chicken but the overall experience was average to me at best.  The side order of the gyoza dumpling was mediocre.  All the dumplings were stuck together and semi burnt. I heard a lot about this place and had semi high expectations so I ended up feeling semi disappointed but still not a bad spot to go for average ramen.


– Fairly quick and attentive service

– The ramen here is your average bowl compared to other spots

– Decent variety of choices of ramen on the menu

– Prices fall in line with my lunch budget of 10 dollars or under


– Gyoza dumplings were stuck together and burned for me so I do not personally recommend having that here

– Lunch time can get crowded so make sure you have at least an hour available for your break during regular 12-2pm

In conclusion, I recommend this place to eat if you want a quick bowl of ramen outside of lunch hour. Please share your thoughts if you already eaten here.

Located at:

43-45 West 55th St. (Between 5th and 6th Ave)
New York, NY, 10019

Call them @ Tel: 212-247-1585

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One Response to “Tori Kara fried chicken Manchanko ramen at Manchanko-Tei”

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    manic — July 2, 2010 @ 2:05 pm

    I’m definitely gonna try this place next time. Also, try a place called “GO”(i think) on Saint Marks street front of “Yakitori” restaurant if you want authentic Japanese ramen. Even though they only have 2or3 choices, you won’t regret if you are ramen lover like me.


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