Key-Lime and Blackout Forest Cupcake at Crumbs Bake Shop

Whenever I am in midtown Manhattan, one of my favorite spots to hit up for some good cupcakes is at Crumbs bake shop.  They serve up daily fresh baked cupcakes with tons of variety to choose from for $3.50 each which isn’t too bad considering it is midtown were talking about here.  My 2 favorite kinds of cupcakes are the key-lime pie and the blackout forest cupcakes.  The key-lime pie cupcake has a wonderful great tasting key lime flavored frosting with white sprinkles on top and the cupcake is nice and moist, fluffy with a decadent creamy center that isn’t too sweet.  The same can be said about the blackout forest cupcake with a drizzle of chocolate and cupcake has a delicious fudge filling in the center which compliments the cupcake very nicely.  I recommend giving Crumb’s bake shop a try if you are in the area. Please share your thoughts if you already tried this place.


– Great choices of wonderful looking and tasty cupcakes

– Recommend the key-lime and blackout forest cupcake!

– Fluffy, moist and fresh baked cupcakes daily!


– Sometimes the workers tend to sell you aggressively to get more items.  (Just ignore and you will be fine)

In conclusion, I recommend highly this place if you are craving for a nice delicious sweet treat. (specifically cupcakes) Please share your thoughts if you already had their cupcakes here.
Located at:

Crumbs Bake shop
Bryant Park
43 West 42nd St (5/6th Ave)

Call them @ Tel: 212-355-7800

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