Whole Foods Market opens in Lake Grove (Long Island, NY) Woo! Yeah!

From the rumors of this store running rampant about opening up near me, I was anticipating this grand opening for quite some time.  Prior to the opening, I remember vividly how I had to drive almost 45 minutes to an hour to the closest Whole Foods Market.  With an ailing economy, and rising gas prices, it makes it very unfeasible for me to make a trip out to this store on a daily basis.
Which is why I am so glad Whole Foods is only 15 minutes or so away from me.  Now only is it close to me, but they are also fairly competitive with their prices and sales as well.

The place is clean and has lots of friendly employees working there.  They truly offer a comprehensive alternative to the regular status quo food market which sells about 80% products that contributes to worsening our health.  That is not the case with Whole Foods Market.  Even the hot foods they offer are made with goodness of their own high quality products (No shortcuts here).  You get what you pay for and thats quality.

You can rest assured that just about everything they sell is wholesome, natural and healthy for you.  If there is one not too far from you, I urge you to check it out and retake your plate back and many thanks for Whole Foods Market opening up out in eastern Long Island.

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