Kettle-Cooked Cape Cod Potato Chips

Looking for chips to eat?  If you have not tried Cape Cod chips, you may be missing out and I highly recommend that you try these out!  It doesn’t contain any bad ingredients since it only has potatoes, salt and canola oil.  Next time you are out in the market doing your food shopping. Pay attention to the other snacks and chips you buy and I can rest assure you that there is way more unnecessary ingredients then needed.

These chips have a natural potato taste and crispy.  Even though they are reduced fat, they do give off that impression like you are eating diet food or anything like that.

These potato chips are wonderful and could be eaten practically guilty free as long as you do not overdo your portion size like with anything else that you consume.  If you tried these, let me know what you think of them.  Sound off.

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