Is Superfood really that super for us? Take a look.

According to a lot of articles I have read online. There seem to be lots of good information on this product. So I bought some myself to try out for a week and  to see if it is as good as the press had said to be.  I thought it was a pretty great product after all , since I do feel more energized through out the day.It does give you the *detox* affect though. What I mean by that is , you may find yourself looking for the bathroom a little more then usual. However, don’t worry that is actually normal, since this product is really to clean you up so you won’t feel tired and you are cleaning out that colon of yours.  This product also provide you with antioxidant equivalent of 7 servings of fruit and vegetables and I am sure a lot of people have heard of the good benefits of antioxidant. If you haven’t, I got a link below to talk about benefits of antioxidant and also the link to directly get the Amazing Grass Super food. On the Amazing grass website they do provide comment on the product , so it gives people a chance to see what other people’s experience was like about this product before you purchase it.

Link to Benefits of Antioxidants:

Link to Amazing Grass Super Food:

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