Gardein Garden Beefless tips

I was at Whole Foods the other day and came across these beefless tips in the frozen section which had me curious.  I decided to purchase a bag and try it out by doing some stir fry along with some vegetables.  Be forewarned the beefless tips do not come marinated so you will need to add your own sauces, spices and seasonings as desired for your own taste.  So my verdict is these are great for a number of reasons.  They are convenient and easy for cooking a quick meal in a matter of minutes.  Second, although they do not exactly have the texture of beef, its a decent texture and absorbs seasonings nicely.  Finally, there is nothing bad in it as far as ingredients are concerned and that deserves a thumbs up in my opinion.  For those who already had tried this, what are your thoughts? Sound off.

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